Oxfam - Land Rights in Africa

Oxfam's website offers a resource bank of well-founded research documents and issue analysis concerning land tenure in Africa, as well a page of links to other relevant organizations and academic institutions specialized in the critical issue of secure land tenure.



Development Experience Clearinghouse

USAID document database



IISD Reporting Services "Linkages" - A Multimedia Resource for Environment and Development Negotiations

IISD Linkages - A Multimedia Resource for Environment and Development Policy and Negotiations. Transcripts, minutes and current affairs.



Forests Monitor Database

*Vital resource - thank you FM! "Investigating the forest industry to empower forest-dependent peoples and raise public awareness". Database allows user to search for information about forest concessions by country, region within a country (Sanha, for example) company or concession license number. From the database, you can also access Forest Monitor's other excellent services, which includes publications, news and links.



Development Gateway

*Example of the practice of best practices - thank you AiDA! Accessible Information on Development Activities (AiDA) website: "Putting the Internet to Work for Developing Countries": Searchable database allows user to browse programmes by country, donor, trade capacity and thematics. Excellent.



List of CSOs in Africa

Extensive list of local and international organizations in Africa published by CRIN.



Press Centres of the UN and other international organizations

Links to Economic Commission for Africa, Economic Commission for Europe, IMF News, FAO Press Releases, ILO Presse, OCHA Press Center, OECD, UNEP, UNESCO Current Events, UNFPA News, UNHCHR Press Room, UNICEF Newsline, UNIFEM Currents and others.


Resources for private sector actors in the oil and gas industry

IPIECA social responsibility publications provides insight into approaches of the oil and gas industries to interfacing with local communities. Fascinating.


Resources: Social aspects and collaborative forest management

Lessons from the loggers: It may come as a surprise, but the timber industry has invested in learning how to work with forest-based communities. What they have discovered and apparently seek to incorporate in their practices and operations is often valid, valuable - and reflects a level of understanding that goes beyond that of many well-intentioned NGOs and international agencies that continue to focus on counting beneficiaries instead of making beneficiaries count. This is a resource list published by the International Tropical Timber Organization and offers case studies, best practices and lessons learned from the forestry sector that humanitarian actors would do well to take note of if their programs are to remain relevant and responsive.


LACITO et des autres centres de recherche du CNRS

Excerpt from webpage: "...Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale (Paris): Le LACITO a une longue expérience des recherches pluridisciplinaires dans le domaine des sociétés à tradition orale sous les tropiques, en particulier en Afrique centrale (recherches en forêt centrafricaine depuis 1956), et dans le Pacifique (en particulier Nouvelle Calédonie, depuis 1970). Tous ses chercheurs sont formés à la transcription phonétique, au recueil et à l'analyse des langues, des vocabulaires et des savoirs, et aux collectes scientifiques de plantes et d'animaux nécessaires à l'établissement des lexiques. Leurs compétences couvrent l'ensemble des familles linguistiques que nous rencontrerons...Pour plusieurs chercheurs du laboratoire, le programme APFT deviendra leur activité principale. D'autres apporteront leur concours technique de spécialistes, par quelques séjours de terrain assez courts, pour l'obtention d'informations linguistiques, phonétiques et lexicales, par le recueil de textes de littérature orale dont l'analyse apportera des éléments nécessaires à la compréhension des rapports symboliques avec le milieu naturel. Le rôle des ethnomusiclogues/ethnolinguistes se place dans la même perspective : apporter des informations d'ordre religieux et symbolique....C'est au LACITO que sera implanté la direction et le secrétariat du conseil scientifique du programme APFT, c'est également le LACITO qui gèrera et centralisera la participation de l'ensemble des chercheurs du CNRS. APFT Associates: Dr. Serge Bahuchet (Directeur de recherche) - Dr. Françoise Grenand (Chargée de recherche)- Claire Moyse-Faurie- Jean-Claude Rivierre- Marie-Françoise Rombi - Dr. Hervé RiviÈre - Dr. Eric de Garine..."


The University of Kent, Department of Anthropology


Faculte universitaire des sciences agronomiques de Gembloux/Gembloux agricultural university

Conducts forest and forest resource research in the Congo Basin


Universite Libre de Bruxelles


Avenir des Peuples des Forets Tropicales

French and English website focusing on Congo Basin peoples and environmental research.



Electronic translation tool

If your system uses Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or later -or- Microsoft Windows 95 or above, you can install the AltaVista toolbar on your browser, which allows you to directly translate text or web pages into 10 languages, as well do other other useful stuff. For later Apple systems, Alta Vista's Babel Fish translator available through Yahoo also works.


The WWW Virtual Library

Links to specialized libraries and collections



Good general coverage of Congo Basin (as well as other regions) provides news related to development and relief issues with searchable archives.



Congo-Brazzaville on the Internet

Website hosted by Stanford University provides an eclectic collection of links to various organizations, business entities, media and resources relevant to the Republic of Congo-Brazzaville.


NATLEX legal research database

Published by the International Labour Organization, search national laws, treaties and international conventions (binding and non-binding) in English, French and Spanish.


Learning Resource: Methods For Social Researchers In Developing Countries

An excellent resource and important initiative by Ahfad University for Women in Sudan. Excerpt from website: "...This site has been prepared specifically for beginning researchers in developing countries. It is based on a book by the same title published by The Ahfad University for Women.. We have created this Web site to make the contents of "Methods for Social Researchers in Developing Countries" available free to researchers in developing countries, where books are too expensive for faculty, students, or even for libraries to buy. Of course, we hope this site may be useful to researchers in other areas of the world as well. All material on this site may be freely downloaded or copied. There are no restrictions on use of what we present. Restrictions on use, however, may apply to the contents of some of the sites we refer to..."


Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

ERIC provides free access to more than 1.2 million bibliographic records of journal articles and other education-related materials and, if available, includes links to full text. ERIC is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (IES).


African Studies: Education and Teaching Resources

Published by Colombia University, one of the best on-line library collections with document archive, databases, e-journals and a host of other resources.


AnthroGlobe Bibliography: Foraging Peoples

Part of the World-Wide Web Vitural Library, this bibliography presents the most comprehesive list of books, articles and papers related to foragers (and hunter-gatherer) peoples available on the web - over 2000 entries.. Unfortunately, most of the entries included in the bibliography exist in print and have not been published electronically, thus the bibliography does not provide links.


Development Gateway Indigenous Peoples Portal

Excellent site for links, information, studies, calendar of events and issue analysis related to inidgenous peoples worldwide.


World Rainforest Information Portal

Very useful links list by RAINFORESTWEB.ORG


Learning resource: Social mapping

UNESCO Bangkok's website explains mapping methodolgies and application for working with indigenous communities.



Population Reference Bureau

A few references that concern indigenous peoples and good general source for statistics, papers, articles related to development. Focus areas: Environment, HIV/AIDS, Population Trends, Reproductive Health; Topics: Aging, Education, Family Planning, Fertility, Gender, Health, Marriage/Family, Migration, Mortality, Policy, Poverty, Race/Ethnicity & Youth; Regions: Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America & Sub-Saharan Africa


Columbia University Libraries - CLIO

Searchable on-line catalogue and database. Collection contains a fair number of resources relevant to Central Africa and indigenous peoples.


Demographic and Health Surveys

Database of health statistics, surveys and data worldwide. Although there is little specific information about the health of indigenous peoples, the DHS is an excellent general resource for the health sector.



Database of indigenous peoples organizations

Cultural Survival's database allows users to search and submit information about indigenous peoples organizations and local organizations that support indigenous peoples



Forest Conservation Portal: Vast Forest Conservation News, Information Retrieval Tools and Original Analysis

Great news source for forest and conservation issues


UNESCO-Gabon website

Includes a small collection of information resources and news. NB: Although the rest of the website seemed fine, the section called "Forum" had been hacked (Sept06) and you may wish to avoid it.



General information website

A general information website with maps, cultural information, a short video clip on dance and links to additional content.


Bienvenue sur l'anneau des Peuples Premiers

List of local NGOs of indigenous peoples and/or working on issues relevant to indigenous peoples. NB: In ROC, the only organization listed is ADHUC - other local NGOs should be encouraged to register their information and build networks for advocacy and capacity building.



ROC: Development Organizations in the Republic of Congo 2006

Focus on international organizations and entities


Directory of Development Organizations 2006

Link to Republc of Congo Listings


Database of indigenous peoples organizations

Cultural Survival database allows users to search and submit information about associations and organizations of Indigenous Peoples. It is both a useful reference tool and an excellent mechanism that promotes self-representation and self-determination.



Search, Information & Knowledge for Optimal Health (INFO) Project by Johns Hopkins University

*Recommended health research tool includes a wealth of information relevant to health programming for indigenous peoples, case studies and best practices. Search in English, French or Spanish.

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